By providing a high quality athletic development experience, students learn to love lacrosse and sports for life. Believing every child gains from being physically active in a safe and encouraging atmosphere, BULL proactively creates a safe structure for students to mature and develop at their individual pace while having fun!.

‍‍‍Baltimore Urban Lacrosse League

Connect school attendance, grades, and behavior in the classroom to participation in sports and game time experience. Provide time for extra help in the classroom.


Connect students to high school programs through shared practices and travel to college campuses. Coordinate links to partner organizations in the community.


Raise the level of play throughout the middle schools of Baltimore City. Every team has a US Lacrosse certified coach who participates every two years in a coaches convention.


Where Baltimore City Middle School Students are treated with exceptional respect and given the greatest opportunities to play the highest level of lacrosse.

League Focus

QUALITY: A high quality league regarding play, program, and process

EQUALITY: Grow the league while maintaining balanced gender opportunities

LEADERSHIP: Coaches and school adminstrators run the league

ACCOUNTABILITY: The best interest of the students are the priority in all decision making


STX • US Lacrosse • Baltimore Ravens • Rusty Red Foundation • Living Classrooms • KIPP Baltimore • UA House at Fayette • Dick’s Sporting Goods • 13th Girl Foundation • Baltimore City Lacrosse and Leadership • Schluderberg Foundation • Next One Up • Stanwick Lacrosse • Loud Communications



Girls Pre-Season Clinic

Boys Pre-Season Clinic

All Stars vs Brooklyn



Mid-Season Clinic


‍‍‍‍‍‍2017 G‍‍‍irls Championship

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍2017 Bo‍‍‍ys Championship

‍‍‍2018 Girls Ch‍‍‍ampionship